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Conserve Water and Save Money!

These Helpful Tips Can Help You Save Water!

March 13, 2024

Hello neighbors,

I would like to begin a conversation about our community’s water usage & expenses. Budgeted at $820K for 2024, CDS’ water & sewer budget is one of the highest expenses included in our maintenance.

Recently, the Costa del Sol Board of Directors created the Water Conservation Committee to find ways to conserve water & reduce this expense. As the Chairperson of this committee, I am collaborating with a small team of volunteers to find ways to do that.

Our committee is working closely with the association management & we’ve already taken significant action to start saving water immediately. Some of the action we are currently taking:

  • Visual inspection, leak detection & repair
  • Installation of high-efficiency, low-flow & automatic shut-off WaterSense hardware throughout our association public spaces
  • Re-evaluation & assessment of high-water usage features throughout the community (including sprinklers, fountains & landscaping)

Some other actions our committee would like to implement rely on homeowner participation. These include:

  • Homeowner self-inspection of unit, leak detection & repair
  1. Owners self-inspect toilets, faucets, showerheads, water heaters, hose bibs, etc.
  2. Owners repair or replace any leaking or faulty hardware with WaterSense certified items.
  • Water usage awareness & water conservation

To assist with this, our committee will provide homeowners with tips & how-to videos on self-inspection & repair, as well as FREE, easy to use leak-detection tablets for toilets. We will share rebates for WaterSense toilet & faucet replacements & rebates for FREE WaterSense showerheads. In addition a
vendors list of qualified plumbers will be made available for those who prefer professional help.*

Our committee will also host community meetings where we will discuss water usage, how our water fees are calculated & what each of us can do to reduce our cost.

We will also send water conservation information regularly via email, post it on cluster bulletin boards, & share it on the Costa del Sol Community channel.

Larger-scale solutions are being actively researched & will be discussed & voted on by the BOD. The committee will be updating homeowners on those efforts in the coming months. Please keep an eye out for that important information. We thank you for your kind attention to this matter & look forward to your future participation in our committee events & calls to action.

Lesley Ulloa

Save Water

*Costa del Sol Association does not endorse or gain any benefit from any of the vendors listed. Unit owners should use their best discretion when hiring qualified professionals to perform work in their units.

Did you know household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide?

It’s true & those leaks mean our dollars down the drain!

Are you ready to chase down leaks & help our community save big bucks on our 2024 water bills?

Please join us by participating in
Fix a Leak Week starting March 18th – 24th, 2024

For more information visit the EPA’s website at:

Have Questions or Need Help?

Call CDS Management at: 305-592-2292 or

Email the WCC at:

After-Hours Emergency Plumbing Issues Call:
Front Gate Security at: 305-591-2876

Thank you for participating in this important initiative!
Save Water


Homeowners may use this checklist to get started:

Fix A Leak Week

Conserve Water & Reduce This Expense !

Fix A Leak!

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